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Scunthorpe Powder Coating

We can powder coat almost anything from the very small to the very large.  Powder Coating is an electrostatically applied oven baked paint finish which is extremely durable and environmentally friendly. Powder Coating is used to paint everything from your fridge at home to the wheels on your car.  We can shot blast and/or chemically prepare your parts before painting them with a choice of colours from our extensive range of colours.

Custom Powder Coating

As self-confessed petrol heads we love to get involved with bikes, bicycles, car parts, engine bits, shiny bits or matt finished parts. We have painted parts of automotive and aero history as well as bits we have no idea what they were for. We take as much care with your parts as if they were our own and love to get the details perfect. We understand what a pain a painted thread or badly masked bearing housing can be and will talk you through the process before starting so you get exactly what you want.

Industrial Powder Coating

We are part of The Access Panel Company Ltd, the bulk of our work is painting access panels to architectural interior standards that require up close scrutiny.  Maintaining Quality is a standard we must adhere to.  We paint a host of different products for local manufacturers from Road Signs to Radiators, bespoke motorcycle parts to canine car crates.  We would be pleased to advise if we can paint your parts.

Will your parts fit our ovens?

We have a Box Oven 2900mm x 1600mm x 1900mm. If your parts fit within this space we can probably paint them. Please check unit weight first.

Box Oven

We have a Converyor Oven 15m x 550mm x 1700mm. If your parts fit within this space we can probably paint them. Please check unit weight first.

Batch Oven


Scunthorpe Powder Coating, Unit 5 Atkinsons Way,
Foxhills Industrial Estate, Scunthorpe, DN15 8QJ

Telephone: 07885 205 228